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Swan's Island: Six miles east of ordinary

The lives and stories of a unique community

Old buildings

Alden Joyce house, Swan's Island, ca. 1950

Alden Joyce house, Swan's Island, ca. 1950

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Swan's Island Educational Society

Alden Joyce's house with the old Swan's Island Telephone building on the right (now owned by the Hitchcock family).

This house was once Lester and Helen Stanley’s house and then was bought by Bud and Melita Staples. In 2006 it was sold to Lester and Helen’s grandson, Lester Stanley.

The house is located at 8 Mackerel Cove Road. Notice the huge wood pile by the shed attached to the house.

Also the barn that is located across the driveway which was known as Shore Road. There is a weir in the cove that is visible too. Across the water is Roderick’s Head.

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